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The Ideal Temperature To Work In Is Around 20°C

Air Conditioning

It has been proven that staff working in air conditioned offices work more productively and better decisions are made when a temperature of between 19-21 deg C is maintained; humidity should be kept below 65%. The effect of humidity is more noticeable when the temperature is higher.

Requirements for an Air Conditioning system may vary between each application and consideration must be made to the area of the room, numbers of windows and lights, number of occupants, induced heat through solar gain and equipment within the room to name but a few factors.

Nowadays Air Conditioning units not only cool in summer but also heat in winter, combined with built in filters these units offer all year round comfort for the modern office environment.

We use only the major brand names that are renowned for their reliability, innovation and technology.

Our products include Daikin, Fujitsu, Toshiba or Mitsubishi equipment.

Fresh Air

Fresh air should also be introduced into the office space and special consideration should be given where photocopy areas are concerned, as these should have direct extraction methods for pollutants.

Photocopy machines produce ozone and when it is not possible to place the machine in a separate room they should be situated a minimum of 4 metres from staff.

We also design and install wet and warm air heating systems to suit all building types.


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