Air Source Heating

As well as installing air conditioning systems (which can heat and cool) we are also able to offer air source heat pumps. These systems are an energy efficient, renewable alternative to standard gas or electric heating systems. These systems are becoming a very popular and cost effective way to heat your home.

As air source heating is considered to be much more efficient and eco friendly, the Government have stated that they will part-fund some of your costs when buying from new.  Please see information through the link below.

Now available under the Government Green Homes Grant

Benefits of air source heat pumps include: The systems are low maintenance, unlike oil powered heating systems you will not require to store any fuel to power air source heating systems, low carbon footprint, long lifespan of systems, effective at heating your home.

We are able to supply and install some of the best and most efficient systems available on the market. Air source heat pumps can be used in most domestic dwellings. If you would like to discuss this option further please contact us for information.

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How Air Source Heating Works



These radiators can be placed around your home just like standard radiators. Cool air from outside gets converted through the air source heat pump (ASHP) and transferred to your radiators. Quiet and effective heating solution.

Air Conditioning Outdoor Unit

Outdoor Unit

Your outdoor unit will need to be placed on a level hardstanding. This outdoor heat pump draws in cold air and transfers it through the system to your indoor radiators. Carbon footprints are lowered and your heating is produced.

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Incentive Payment

Offset installation costs with the help of a Government Grant.


Systems can be future-proof and carbon neutral if used alongside a renewable tariff.

Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs) are the new greener way to temperature control your home or workplace.


Air source heating can be controlled much in the same way as regular central heating, but with a better environmental impact.


Thermostatically control your comfort levels. Less energy used for the same great outcome.

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