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Commercial Installations2022-01-27T11:07:37+00:00

Commercial Installations

At Avonaire Ltd we are able to offer you the best service and advice when it comes to choosing air conditioning for your commercial property. No job is considered too big or too small.

We work in a variety of settings from care homes, dental surgeries, function halls, hotels, wine cellars, music pods, and offices. No job is too big or too small. Listed buildings and areas where access is difficult are no problem for us. Avonaire offer solutions to most situations so please contact us to discuss your options.

Buildings such as hospitals, doctor/dentist surgeries and veterinary centres require disruption to be kept to an absolute minimum. To avoid unsettling patients we suggest working slightly outside of working hours. We are happy to work through lunchtime, from 7am and finish at 6pm should this be required. Outside of these times will need to be arranged with us specially.

No two jobs are ever the same and will always treat your requirements with the upmost importance and respect. Site surveys are always carried out, free of charge, in the first instance and a no obligation quote given.

If you would like to arrange a site assessment or if you wish to discuss your job please contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I change my mind on the location of a unit, can it be moved?2022-01-20T15:52:31+00:00

In the majority of cases, yes. If you have a unit but you need it relocating (for performance or aesthetic reasons) we can send an engineer to assess your available space and advise you of your options. Please note this may require addition pipework or parts depending on your needs and may incur further costs. Our engineer can discuss all of this with you prior to any further alterations being made.

Do units take up much space?2022-01-20T15:52:30+00:00

Having a wall mounted or ceiling unit is relatively discreet and does not take up any floor space. These are our most popular options as they do not interfere with the flow of a room or workspace.  Floor mounted units can be slightly bulkier but are still not much larger than an average domestic radiator unit.

How efficient are units at heating or cooling?2022-03-30T18:02:46+00:00

We can guarantee that you will be amazed at how quickly and quietly our systems heat or cool your room.  When thermostatically set no energy is wasted as units will only maintain a temperature of your choosing, rather than being on constantly. In fact, as less energy is required to heat your space using air conditioning than with central heating systems the Government has, in their Spring Statement, reduced domestic VAT rates to 0% on new installs.

Are systems covered under a warranty?2022-01-20T15:52:30+00:00

Yes.  All new installation work we carry out comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee and warranty.  It should be noted that warranties are only  valid when regular maintenance of the system is carried out (regular can mean either 6 monthly or annual depending on your requirements).

Do you offer discounted rates for multiple units or maintenance?2022-01-20T15:52:30+00:00

Yes.  We will aim to offer you the most competitive rates possible to ensure you are happy with our work.  If you sign up to regular maintenance contracts we are able to offer reduced pricing over the year.

Is air conditioning expensive for my business/home?2022-01-20T15:52:30+00:00

It can actually be very affordable. When comparing to the cost of running a central heating system, which can only heat, air conditioning is actually more cost effective and has the benefit of also cooling.

Does Avonaire hire out portable air conditioning units?2022-01-21T08:49:49+00:00

No we do not. Portable units have their uses and can be moderately helpful however we do not recommend the use of them and therefore do not offer this as a service.

Will Avonaire service/maintain units installed by other companies?2022-01-20T15:52:30+00:00

Yes we would be happy to carry out services, maintenance checks and repairs on units we did not install.  An initial inspection and check will be carried out and this usually resolves the issue at that stage. When you contact us please give as much info as possible including access requirements.

Can we have air con units in temporary buildings e.g. portacabins?2022-01-20T15:52:30+00:00

Yes. As long as a power supply can be reached to the unit we can install air conditioning systems to these spaces.

Are units noisy?2022-01-20T15:52:30+00:00

The indoor units expelling air should be practically silent. Sometimes a small vibration noise can be detected from an outdoor unit’s motor, however this is not common and can be fixed with adjustments.

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